Terms & Conditions

Exclusions, Terms, Conditions, and Limitations to Watch Out For in a Health Insurance Policy by Carlos Diez
When purchasing health insurance one has to be carefully prudent regarding expectations on payable benefits. There are a multitude of websites online on the internet that are fabricated to represent spectacular coverage while simultaneously being elusive about displaying terms or conditions as well as exclusions and limitations. Not reading the fine print can leave you stuck with the bill and out hundreds or even thousand of dollars.

PPC Terms & Conditions Demystified by Jennifer Carter
If you haven’t done so already, reading the Google Adsense terms and conditions is an absolute must. Failing to do so could get your Adsense account terminated and your business in serious trouble.

Terms & Conditions by Michael J Moore
Having a terms and conditions on you website when you are operating online are vitally important. It cannot be emphasized enough that you require legal protection. What are Terms & Conditions then?

Your terms and conditions should reflect your policy as relates to fraud as well as privacy and complaints and the client or customer should be acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and conditions prior to any sale taking place. These should be couched so that they include the following:

How to Write Terms & Conditions That Your EBay Buyers Will Understand by Carlos V Valdez
Did you know that eBay is going to force us to place terms and conditions on our listings? That’s right this is another one of their recent changes. But this one I feel is a great benefit for us sellers and should have been implemented by sellers from the start.